This is a slow blog

wyoming mountains

This past year has been about slowing it down, taking things offline for a while, and going outside more. 

I've been drawing and/or writing everyday, and keeping it to myself (mostly) (some of this work can be found here and here ) and plan to compile some of these writings and drawings into a small publication in 2018. I've also begun working on a collaborative writing and installation project with Sonia Grant about layers in landscape and climate change called Strata. We recently traveled to Bozeman, Montana to work on our project at the Silver Streak artist residency. (more on that trip soon!) We will be presenting a small book to introduce our project, along with the newest editions of SHE IS RESTLESS at the first ever Chicago Art Book Fair at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel from November 16-19.

This year also marks the end of my time in Chicago - in December, I will be moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico for some new adventures! Hope to see you there!

Rebecca Grady