Rebecca Mir Grady

I go by BECCA (grady)

Photographer / Jeweler / Painter / Writer

I work across many mediums, and I like to collaborate.

Born in Alaska and raised in Maine, my creative sensibility is steeped in saltwater and mountains. When I was too little to walk, I was pulled around on a sled by a german shepherd called Rusty*.

I went to art school twice, and have always loved working with a range of materials. I like keeping my hands and mind busy, in the studio and out in nature. I have self-published over 20 artist books. I make jewelry by hand with recycled gold and silver, conflict-free diamonds and ethically sourced stones. I use natural light and elements to tell stories with all of my photography. My paintings focus on light and climate change.

I live with my wife in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travel to see the ocean as much as possible.

MIR is a pen name, and is in fact my best friend’s initials, almost my mom’s initials, is the root of the Spanish verb “mirar” which means to look. It is also similar, but not quite, “mer” and “mar” which mean the sea in French and Spanish.

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*My parents disagree about this. My mom says it was Rusty, and my dad says it was Namer. Memory is a fickle thing.