I can’t believe it, but this is TEN. For each collection I usually choose one theme, a place that inspires me, a book that I’m channeling or something along those lines. This time I have two: New Mexico (my new home) and Storms (all kinds). I’ve been thinking a lot about the sun and the landscape in New Mexico, so you’ll see some shapes and names that reference these. I’ve also reworked and added some new variations on old styles, including two new versions of the Mitla ring, a new Georgia style with a rose cut diamond and turquoise, Hyalite Diamond rings, and St. Margaret’s Diamond Drop studs and necklace. I shot this lookbook in my studio with Kelsi Sharp as my model, and I’m also including some supplemental shots (of me) taken by my lovely wife Sonia at the Bisti/De Na Zin wilderness area in Northern New Mexico.