Moving Day

When we moved to Santa Fe from Chicago, we found a place and signed a lease remotely, working entirely from a few pictures, google maps street view, and an iPhone FaceTime walkthrough of the space. We knew it was near Tune Up Cafe, Sonia’s and now my favorite cafe, that it was about 1000 sq. feet, and that the bathtub looked insane.

Rebecca Mir Grady - Santa Fe Style Bath

When we arrived, it didn’t disappoint. It is an old adobe house, with lots of blue patterned tile in the bathroom and kitchen, wood floors, and saltillo tile. It even has vigas in most of the rooms. Though I should mention that I didn’t know what those were before we moved here. (Vigas are the rough hewn rafters in adobe houses.)

Rebecca Mir Grady - Santa Fe Style Vigas and Skylight

The house was full of built in nooks, perfect for books and momentos. In short, it’s full of Santa Fe charm.

Rebecca Mir Grady - Santa Fe Adobe Style Nooks

We loved living here. It was a great place to start off our time in New Mexico. And let’s be real, since we moved across country with almost no furniture, all these built in bookshelves were so very much needed!

Rebecca Mir Grady - Santa Fe Style Adobe bookshelf

But it’s an old adobe house, and was full of quirks and challenges. The wonderful bathtub, that I’d been dreaming about taking beautiful baths in from when we signed the lease, was pretty old, and had a not standard sized drain, and therefore no plug. So we rigged up a system with a rubber stopper and a rock, and this worked most of the time. All of the doors were different heights and widths, and tall people had a hard time walking through the house unscathed. I have also learned not to swing my arm too close to any of the walls as these rough textured walls are excellent at skinning knuckles. And the floors were all uneven, our dining table angled distinctly downhill, and if you placed an egg on it, it would roll right off.

Santa Fe Christmas Style Kiva Fireplace - Rebecca Mir Grady

Our kiva fireplace was a lot of fun, especially around the holidays. But it didn’t really give out much heat, so after our first New Mexico Christmas we ended up using it for candles instead. It was an excellent place to display my friend Elizabeth Kelley’s painting of my favorite rocky Maine coast, and made a good shadow catcher when my friend Marian came to town.

Santa Fe Style - Adobe Kiva Fireplace - Rebecca Mir Grady

But after almost a year, we decided that we wanted a different space, and so we’re packing up again and moving across town. This move is so much easier, the drive between houses is only a couple of minutes this time. And we’re now in a very different space, quite the opposite of our first Santa Fe place. I’ll share more about the new place once we’re settled in, but one thing I will say is that it doesn’t have a bath tub. So farewell to this quirky house with it’s insane bathtub and thanks for welcoming us to Santa Fe!

Santa Fe Style Adobe Tile Bathtub
Santa Fe Adobe Style