A Wedding Picnic in Chicago

hollywood beach jetty

A year ago today, Sonia and I got married at our favorite beach in Chicago. We found a spot on the grass next to the beach, with a view of the lake and spread out a bunch of picnic blankets before our friends and families arrived. Our friend Raquel met us early to take some photos of us before the ceremony, including all of the portraits in this post. She was right in telling us that the photos would be one of the best parts of the day. After the swirl of getting everything together with our families at the house (where we were planning to head after the ceremony and picnic), we left them to find a good spot at the lake, and we were alone and giddy and about to do this big and amazing thing together. 

Hollywood Beach Jetty

We knew we were going move to New Mexico at the end of 2017, so when we were planning our wedding plans we decided to keep it simple and small. We did almost everything ourselves, with the help of friends and family. I made our wedding rings - see here and here. We kept our wedding outfits simple, and tried to choose pieces we might wear again. Sonia wore a beautiful Doen dress, and I chose a top from Reformation with Jesse Kamm's sailor pants, and Bryr clogs. We learned that it is nearly impossible to find women's wedding shoes in a size 12, and once we finally did, I had to give Sonia some lessons in walking around the neighborhood in heels. We did our flowers ourselves, buying large bunches at Trader Joes and Whole Foods and then making our own arrangements. Sonia's friend Lily married us, and our sisters each read a poem in the ceremony.  We made picnic bags for everyone with cotton napkins we indigo dyed one weekend, and had sandwiches and salads made by a local shop ahead of time. 

wedding picnic bags
Wedding picnic

The day was amazing, all in all, with only a few hiccups, like my dad being two hours late. Thankfully the rain held out long enough for everyone to finish their picnic bags, and then we all packed up and headed back to our apartment for drinks and dessert. I don't like cake very much and Sonia is gluten-free and my sister Molly is a master rice crispie treat maker (see her Lady Krispies here) so she came out early and made us the best non-cake wedding cake ever. 

Sonia and Carly and Lily

Sonia and her friends Carly and Lily provided the musical entertainment for the night, playing a song that Sonia wrote about our road trip to Nashville the year before, and their cover of Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe. 

diy wedding flowers

Since we didn't hire a photographer, we got an Instax wide camera to try to capture some of the picnic and afterparty. My sister Emma took charge and became the official party photographer, snapping photos of almost everyone who came. Since it's not a standard photo size, we ended up later finding someone on Etsy who makes custom wedding albums to fit the wide Instax pics, and she even put our names on the cover for us!

Best of the instax wedding photos

One year in, and I still feel so incredibly lucky to have found this wonderful woman! My hair is a bit longer, we live in a different state, and we've gone on a lot of adventures together - to Wyoming, Montana, Oaxaca, Colorado, and I can't wait to go on more with her. I'm excited to see where the next years will take us together. 

Rebecca and Sonia