Jewelry Collection IX

the  18mm Carson  +  Georgia  rings

the 18mm Carson + Georgia rings

I'm super excited about finishing up the newest collection this month!

Collection IX features 30 pieces of contemporary fine jewelry. The rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces take shape and form after the desert landscape. These modern heirlooms are made with recycled 14k gold and sterling silver, using ethically sourced diamonds, opals, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand in my Santa Fe studio.

I had a lot of fun shooting a lookbook last weekend. Living in Santa Fe is truly ideal for photography. I wanted a darker, moodier feel for the photographs since we're coming up on Fall soon, so we headed to the forest to take some photos. I truly have the best wife, she's willing and enthusiastic about letting me dress her up in the new collections twice a year, and whisk her off to the forest or the desert to take photos. This time, we went up towards the ski basin in the Santa Fe National Forest. We went in the morning, to try to get some softer light, and cooler temps so that sweaters were possible...

For this collection, I wanted to channel some of the shapes and textures of the New Mexico landscape. I added more carved rock textured rings to call up some of the mountain and desert scapes. I've also been thinking about the sun so much more in New Mexico than I ever have before. The sun is so much stronger here at 8,000 feet, so its presence, and absence are so much stronger. In thinking about the sun's rays, I added the Sunrise pieces - mixing sterling silver and 14k gold, and the Circe piece, mixing 14k circles with diamonds and colored stones. 

Collection IX Ring Stack.jpg

See the rest of the lookbook photos at .