Making mixtapes again / All the best sea songs / I love the ocean

sea mix tapes

When I’m working in the studio I love to listen to things. I listen to audio books, podcasts and music. I don’t have a radio in the studio, so I tend to listen to things on my phone or computer.

A few months ago, I was getting tired of what I’d been listening to, and realized that I wasn’t listening to very much music anymore. I occasionally buy new records, but I don’t listen as much when I’m working. I ended up signing up for Spotify again, and this time using one of their promotions for a premium account so that I wouldn’t have to listen to their ads. I did a maker challenge on instagram, and in one of the posts about me, I shared that I used to make mixtapes for the ocean every year. I started making them when I lived in Chicago. I grew up near the ocean, and was missing it. And there are so many good songs about the ocean, so I decided to make a sea mix for myself, and to give out to friends. I made one a year until I got to six, and then I’m not sure why I stopped.

I decided to revisit them. I took the old tracklists and recreated the mixtapes, in order, on Spotify. A handful of the songs aren’t available, as a number of them were rare songs found on old records, or from friends’ albums. But the majority of the songs on Sea Mixes 1-6 are all up on my spotify page. And I just made a new one - Sea Mix 7. You can listen to them all on Spotify. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can sign up for a free account, and then a paid version where you don’t have to listen to the ads.

Below, I’ve shared all the original tracklists of the Sea Mix Tapes, and if you have any of the songs, you can listen to, or make your own sea mix. And if you have a favorite sea song that I should add to the next Sea Mix, leave it below in the comments.

Sea Mix 1 (circa 2005)

Side A:

Iggy Pop - The Endless Sea

The Cure - Killing an Arab

Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister

Erica Eigen - I want to marry a lighthouse keeper

Roy Orbison - Blue Bayou

Heart - Soul of the Sea

Sinead O’Connor - Jackie

Electric Light Orchestra - The Whale

Looking Glass - Brandy (you’re a fine girl)

Gene Pitney - The Ship True Love Goodbye

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic

Black Heart Procession - On Ships of Gold

Side B:

The William Young - The Enemy

Adam and the Ants - Jolly Roger

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Stove by a Whale

Catpower - Sea of Love

Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Pea Green Boat

The Beach Boys - Sloop John B

Smokey and Miho - Ocean in Your Eyes

Joanna Newsom - This Side of the Blue

The Pogues - Thousands are Sailing

Tracy Chapman - I used to be a sailor

Pete Seegar - I will never marry

Sea Mix 2

Side A:

Scott Walker - Port of Amsterdam

The William Young - Captain Morgan’s Revenge

Laurie Anderson - Love Among Sailors

Parliament - Aquaboogie

David Bowie - Red Sail

The Murder City Devils - Hey Sailor

June of 44 - Sharks and Sailors

The Beatles - Octopus’ Garden

The Beach Boys - Sail on Sailor

Jiha Lee and Charlie Vinz - Sea of Love

Side B:

Chad Willis and the Beachstones - Jack was every inch a sailor

The Be Good Tanyas - Lakes of Pontchartrain

Brian Wilson - On Holiday

Donavan - Starfish on Toast

Coco Rosie - Sea is Calm

mystery track from a mixtape that Matt Mele made me in 2005

Christopher Cross - Sailing

Porno for Pyros - Tahitian Moon

Gal Costa - Empty Boat

Ramona Cordova - Introduction

The Pixies - Dancing the Manta Ray

Woody Guthrie - What did the deep sea say"?

Velvet Underground - Ocean

Sea Mix 3

Side A:

Brian Eno - The Big Ship

The Unicorns - Sea Ghost

The Shins - Sea Legs

Cocteau Twins - Sea, Swallow Me

Future Bible Heroes - She-devils of the Deep

Chiffons - Taylor BOy

Depeche Mode - Sea of Sin (Blue Enya Remix)

Phil Phillips - Sea of Love

Ween - She Wanted To Leave

Nina Nastasia - Ocean

Birds of America - I am in love with an ocean

Side B:

Regina Spektor - Sailor Song

Sparks - Slowboat

Styx - Come Sail Away

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Matthew Sweeney - My Home Is The Sea

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Ship Song

The Be Good Tanyas - Ship Out on the Sea

Frank Sinatra - Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Sonic Youth - Diamond Sea

Enya - Orinoco Flow

Sea Mix Tapes

Sea Mix 4

Side A:

Beat Happening - Sea Hunt

Beach House - Saltwater

Panda Bear - Comfy in Nautica

Six by Seven - Ocean

Old Time Relijun - Giant Boat

Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Buckingham Nicks - Crystal

Keren Ann - The Harder Ships of the World

Jim O’Rourke - Ghost Ship in a Storm

Side B:

Hüsker Dü - Standing by the Sea

Mastodon - Battle at Sea

The Arcade Fire - The Well and the Lighthouse

Electrelane - At Sea

Roxy Music - Sea Breezes

Olivia Tremor Control - The Ships

Antipop Consortium - Rinseflow

Dengue Fever - Ocean of Venus

The Paragons - The Tide is High

De La Soul - Tread Water

Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye

Sea Mix 5

Side A:

Weezer - Across the Sea

Crystal Stilts - Love is a Wave

Peter Murphy - Deep Ocean Vast Sea

Neko Case - Red Tide

AIr France - Beach Party

Arthur Russel - The Platform on the Ocean

mum - Hu Hviss - A Ship

Belle and Sebastian - Ease Your Feet In The Sea

Pram - Play of Waves

Jonsi and Alex - Daniell In The Sea

Side B:

The Carter Family - The Wave On The Sea

Beck - Rowboat

Silver Jews - Trains Across The Sea

Dirty Three - Deep Waters

Rasputina - Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song)

PJ Harvey - We Float

Bjork - Oceania

Movietone - Ocean Song

Sea Mix 6

Side A:

The Wailing Souls - Row Fisherman Row

Joe Simon - Drowning in the Sea of Love

Cinematic Orchestra - Ode to the Big Sea

Air France - Karibien

Grouper - Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping

Bon Iver - Beach Baby

Fairport Convention - A Sailor’s Life

Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea

Johnny Cash - Sea of Heartbreak

Side B:

Dance Yourself To Death - Sea of Love (JD Samson Remix)

Gossip - Love Long Distance

Wavves - Beach Demon

Dead Kennedys - Moon Over Marin

Black Sabbath - Children of the Sea

Slint - Good Morning, Captain

Beck - Ship in the Bottle

Mott The Hoople - Sea Diver

Camera Obscura - Lunar Sea

The Righteous Brothers - Ebb Tide