How to find your ring size

How to find your ring size

I love rings. I wear a lot of them. I make a lot of them. But I have also got to say that they can be tricky to size!

Hands come in all different sizes, and size can change over time. For getting an accurate ring size, I recommend getting sized by a professional jeweler or at a jewelry shop. I also recommend getting sized a few times (if possible) since in the winter when it’s cold, your rings might fit differently than in the middle of summer when it’s really hot outside.

I bring ring sizers with me to most pop ups, fairs and trunk shows that I do, and am always happy to help you find your ring size. You’ll probably find that most jewelers will bring sizers with them to events, and most stores that sell rings can help you find your ring size.

I’ve found that often sizes differ from the left to right as well. I’m right handed, and the ring sizes on my right hand are all about a 1/4 to a 1/2 size bigger on my right hand than on my left.

I do not recommend trying to measure your finger with a piece of string. It will most likely be more bother than it is help. String doesn’t have the same shape or rigidity as a ring. If you’re off by a millimeter that can have a real effect on how the ring will fit you.

If you can’t get to a jewelry shop or find a local jeweler to help size you, I have ring sizers available in the shop, for $5 but they ship with a coupon for $5 off any ring in the shop. The ring sizers are roughly the width of a 3mm band. If you’re getting a wide band, like 6mm or 12mm you may want to size up a little, and likewise if you’re getting a skinnier band, like 1mm, you may want to size down just slightly. For example, in a 1mm band, I wear a 6, in a 6mm band I wear a 6.5, and in a 12mm band, I wear a size 7.

Most of the rings that I make can be made in US whole and half sizes 4-12. I don’t always have all of those size options available for every style, but often I can make it as a special order. So if you don't see your size, drop me a note. I’m also happy to make rings in quarter sizes.

I wish that there was a standard to ring sizing. But unfortunately there isn’t. I make all my rings in US sizes, so for international ring sizes - please see this ring size chart.

If you have any other ring sizing questions, feel free to leave your questions in a comment below and I’ll add them to this post!

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How to find your ring size