"Underneath" Exhibition View at Show Pony Gallery


Since I was hosting gallery hours at Show Pony Gallery last week, I brought my camera and took some photos of my painting exhibition “Underneath”. My family couldn’t come out to see the show, and they’ve been repeatedly asking for more photos so I wanted to share them here. It’s a small space, and with reflective dark paintings it’s also decidely difficult to photograph. But I’m pleased with how the show and the photographs of it turned out! There is still one more week to see my paintings at Show Pony Gallery. There will be gallery hours and a performance this weekend, as well as a closing on August 30th. Visit showponygallery.com for more details.

Underneath looking out 10
Underneath 11
underneath (12).jpg
Underneath (9)
Underneath Rainbow 7

To learn more about the show and some of the events held during the exhibition, you can listen to this podcast interview I recently did, and read about Caroline Picard and Devin King’s reading at Show Pony Gallery.